PROTECT your valuable equipment, pumps, pipelines, tanks, vessels, structures ,and flooring against corrosion, erosion, wear and abrasion.

PREVENT efficiency-decline, shutdowns, safety-hazards and bring down energy/maintenance costs with our spot-on diagnosis, superior solutions and products.

PROLONG the longevity and efficiency of your equipment, whilst keeping maintenance expenditure minimal helmed by long-term, preventive solutions.

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  • Corrosion, abrasion, erosion.

  • Chemical attack.

  • Offshore condition.


  • Material losses.

  • Energy loss.

  • Maintenance cost.


  • Equipment life.

  • Asset values.

  • External effects.

About us

Demech Chemical is engaged in providing products and long-term solutions to industries particularly in core sector for prevention of erosion and corrosion of equipment’s like pipelines, tanks, vessels, pumps, ducts, chimneys, structures and flooring’s.   

A wide range of industries are being served including petrochemicals, oil and gas, power, steel, mining, fertilizers, chemicals, marine, cement, paper, sugar and water & waste water treatment.

The company provides total solution; right from diagnosing the problem, to recommending the solution, providing the right product and more importantly application of the product to the satisfaction of the customer.

Company has gamut of high performance specialty coatings such as glass flake composites, elastomeric polyurethanes, ceramic composites, chemical resistant coatings, metal powder embedded compounds, high-build polymer coatings, which PROTECT industry assets, PREVENT further degradation and PROLONG their life.


Why Choose Us


Our Chemical Resistant Lining systems are innovative linings which include a different combination of polymers incorporated with special composites. Our linings are very strong and offer excellent chemical resistance. They are used extensively in Industries to protect metallic as well as non-metallic surfaces.

Pipes are susceptible for internal as well as external corrosion. pipelines carrying various liquids and gases if not protected from inside, get corroded causing pitting, reduction in thickness and punctures. Such pipes are effectively protected by our innovative pipe lining composite systems developed from combination of polymers embedded with specialized materials.

Pumps circulating liquid across the industry may face problems same as pipelines like pitting, cavitations, erosion, corrosion due to electrochemical reaction process, surface wear by abrasion erosion process etc. Damages to casing & impeller surface results in more frictional loss and increases power consumption.

To maintain any condenser in a clean condition is a great task for any industry. All surfaces of heat exchanger in contact with hydrocarbon, chemical, sea water, fresh water, steam are susceptible to corrosion. The attack may be further influenced by certain accelerating factors such as temperature, stress, fatigue, high velocity of flow and impingement.

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Chemical Resistant Coating
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