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Most of the time due to continuous operation, the impact of sharp objects, etc. there are possibilities of wear & tear and damage to the conveyor belt. If not attended immediately, it may lead to permanent breakage of the conveyor resulting in unwanted breakdowns and shutdowns. Rubber-lined equipment’s often face challenges of localized failures; Demech has expertise in such challenging maintenance jobs.

We expertise in

  • Repairing of conveyer belts
  • MSRL pipe
  • MSRL tanks
  • Rubber lined impeller
  • Rubber lined pump casing
Conveyor & Rubber Liner Repairs

Conveyor Belt Repair

Conveyor & Rubber Liner Repairs


Conveyor & Rubber Liner Repairs

Rubber Lined Impeller

Conveyor & Rubber Liner Repairs

Rubber Lined Pump Casing

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