• Demech Chemical
  • Protect
  • Prevent
  • Prolong

These systems are designed to withstand high temperatures, as high as 230° C. The system achieves excellent application properties such as non-sagging, high adhesion, low permeability.

These systems have enough flexibility to accommodate the thermal strain These systems offer resistance to erosion due to gypsum slurry, corrosion resistance due to seawater/sulphuric acid/ Nitric acid.

Application areas:

  • Demister zone, duct, etc
  • Rib area & raw gas inlet region
  • The water catchment area plus 1 meter above liquid surface
  • FRP spray banks
  • Heat exchanger
  • Aeration tank/ oxidation basin
FGD Lining


FGD Lining


FGD Lining

Sump And Drains

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