Chemical Resistant Lining

Our Chemical Resistant Lining systems are innovative linings which include a different combination of polymers incorporated with special composites. Our linings are very reliable and offer excellent chemical resistance. They are used extensively in Industries to protect metallic as well as non-metallic surfaces. These long lasting seamless coatings eliminate failures at joints and enhance aesthetics of assets. These monolithic liners can take any shape and cover complete area without air pockets. We expertise in providing solutions for applications like clarifiers, FGD absorbers, FGD ducts, scrubbers, DM plants, neutralizing pits, effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, battery room floors, chemical handling floors, chemical storage dykes, trenches and drains.    

Chemical Resistant Coating
FGD Coating
Clarifier Coating
Effluent Treatment Plant
Scrubber Coating
Chemical Storage Dykes
Battery Room Flooring
DM Plant Floor
Chemical Handling Floor
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