Demech Chemical – A turnkey solution Provider of composite coatings to Steel Industry

Demech chemical composite coatings

Composite coatings by Demech chemical - A turnkey solution Provider to Steel Industry. Demech Chemical Products Pvt. Ltd has been providing its expert services to various Industries since 1993. Even in the current pandemic situation, we are always ready to protect, prevent and prolong. In Steel plants, metal loss takes place due to #Abrasion #Erosion and #Corrosion. In the steel sector, we have been providing composite coatings to the industry giants and carrying out very special maintenance applications in GASHOLDER/ BLAST FURNACE AND COKE OVEN GAS PIPELINES /CLARIFIER TANKS/MOULD OSCILLATOR, to name a few. Recently we had taken up a very challenging Job of coating a pair of NAPTHA SCRUBBERS using ROPE ACCESS SYSTEM. The height of each scrubber is 44 meters and its diameter is 5.25 meters. The photo alongside depicts the work in progress. Anti spark tools were used for surface preparation. Epoxy-based Glass flake coating was done using an Airless spray gun with maintaining a system thickness of 300 microns. The whole job was completed with no holidays and the job has been highly appreciated because : 1. Completed on time, as per schedule 2. Passed all the testing parameters without any rework needs. 3. Organized execution management from start to finish. 4. All the Safety norms have been followed. We congratulate the entire team! #DEMECH CHEMICAL PRODUCTS PVT LTD is well equipped to take more such challenging jobs and is proud to be a welcome extended hand of every maintenance engineer. We @Demech Chemical Products Pvt Ltd manufacture wide ranges of composite coating and provide solutions to steel industry For more details visit email us on or call @020 40775500

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