power plants

Most of the electricity produced throughout the world is from thermal energy generating plants such as fossil fuel, nuclear, hydroelectric, geothermal, solar etc. Thermal energy generating plants may be shut down due to planned or unplanned maintenance or due to low seasonal power demand. During the shutdown, corrosion can take place on all or parts where the ambient air, which always contains certain quantity of water vapor, comes into contact with metal surfaces of the generating plant. Types of Corrosion in a Power Plants

  • Oxide corrosion: An electro-chemical process on metal surfaces when oxygen molecules dissolve in water. This type of corrosion occurs when lagging isn’t installed properly, or when protective surface coatings fail or were never applied.
  • Galvanic corrosion: A process that occurs when two dissimilar metals contact each other, creating an electrical reaction that promotes corrosion.
  • Hot corrosion: Accelerated corrosion due to the presence of salt contaminants that form molten deposits, which damage protective surface oxides.
  • Erosion: The combination of high fluid surface velocities and an aggressive chemical environment that wears away a surface’s protective scale or coating.

It is important to know the causes and take preventive steps at the right time to Protect, Prevent and Prolong the life of the assets.

Corrosion in power plants leads to costly repairs, prolonged maintenance, material losses, poor performance, and if left untreated, failure. Industry experts recommend corrosion prevention in the form of preventive and control strategies, such as regular inspections and the use of protective coatings. The success of these coatings, however, depends on the Correct selection of product, creating the optimal conditions to clean the respective surface and allow the coatings to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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