Corrosion mitigation in wet gas scrubber

What is wet gas scrubber?

A wet gas scrubber is an air pollution control device which uses a liquid to remove contaminants from a gas stream. The removal process is achieved by bringing the gas stream into contact with the scrubbing liquid, which facilitates mass transfer of the contaminants into the liquid.

A wet gas scrubber is one type of scrubber that is used to remove harmful materials from industrial exhaust gases—known as flue gas—before they are released into the environment.


Properties of Wet Gas Scrubber:

  • Wet scrubbers have the ability to handle high temperatures and moisture.
  • In wet scrubbers, flue gases are cooled, resulting in smaller overall size of equipment.
  • Wet scrubbers can remove both gases and particulate matter. Wet scrubbers can neutralize corrosive gases.
  • Can avoid costly CO boiler upgrades with allowable scrubber pressure drops as low as zero inches of water.
  • These units are fairly sturdy and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, making them ideal for operation in almost any environment. Lastly, wet scrubbers can be used to remove a wide range of pollutants from sulfur to acidic gases that contribute to acid rain.

Why corrosion in wet gas scrubbers?

Corrosion often occurs in an insidious manner. It attacks the internals of equipment where it cannot be seen. It concentrates in highly stressed areas, producing cracks which lead to catastrophic failure. It can lie dormant and suddenly awaken when some environmental parameters change such as temperature or velocity.

Can we afford to ignore corrosion?

The answer is an obvious "NO". The time is fast approaching when every engineer and technician, regardless of his specific discipline or industry, must develop an interest in corrosion and be sufficiently knowledgeable to anticipate corrosion problems before they occur. Management must also be informed of the effect of corrosion on conservation of materials and energy, economy of our society, and the safety and reliability of our industrial processes.

All wet scrubber systems include the following main requirements for the materials: corrosion resistance; acid resistance; and high-temperature performance. The corrosion process can happen both in all seawater pipelines and the water supply to the scrubber tower. “The scrubber tower is an area where an acid attack can be severe”.

Finally, there is an opinion that a manufacturer of wet scrubber systems will provide the required materials are chosen for the scrubber, and there is a need for Protective Coatings just in the overboard discharge section because of the high probability of wash water impact on the hull coating.

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