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About Us

Demech Chemical is engaged in providing products and long-term
solutions to industries for prevention of corrosion, abrasion and
erosion. A wide range of equipment such as pipelines, tanks, vessels,
pumps, ducts, chimneys, structures, floorings and many more are
protected by these high build coatings with Anti Corrosive Paints.

Company started its operations in 1993. It has state of the art ISO
9001-2015 and OHSAS 18001 certified manufacturing facility at Baramati
near Pune.

With continuous investment in research and development, company has
enlarged its product range. In all types of high performance specialty
coatings such as glass flake composites, elastomeric polyurethanes,
ceramic composites, chemical resistant coatings, metal powder embedded
compounds etc.

Because of company’s robust composites; almost all of the corrosion,
abrasion and wear related problems can be solved. Industry problems such
as material losses, efficiency decline, increase in energy &
maintenance costs and safety hazards are eliminated.

We PROTECT the equipment to PREVENT further degradation and as a result PROLONG the life of the valuable ASSETS.

Demech Chemical is a technology-driven company. Which provides turn-key
services with a strong focus on protection of the industrial assets. Executing coating projects from concept to commissioning in every
industrial sector such as power, steel, petrochemicals, oil and gas,
mining, fertilizers, chemicals, cement, paper, marine, sugar, water and waste water treatment and many more. Evaluate your
requirements so you choose the products and application processes and
furthermore. We also take up application of our products. As a result,
we take single point responsibility of performance of our products and

Our Vision

To become a leading global provider of specialty coatings and innovative technologies.

Quality Policy

  • We are manufacturer and service provider for High Build Specialty Coatings, Wear & Abrasion Resistant Products & Flooring Systems.
  • Strive to create value for customers through value added services & endeavor for total customer satisfaction with respect to quality, timely delivery & reliability of our products & services.
  • Committed to improve unceasingly with periodical reviews & revised performance standards in every aspect of our business.

Safety And Health Policy

  • We shall strive for continual improvement in the area of meeting stringent customer requirements and prevention of industrial accidents.
  • Prevention of pollution out of the process involved in the manufacturing of the industrial coatings.

Certifications & Approvals

ISO 9001:2015
OHSAS 18001-2007
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