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Demech Chemical Products Pvt. Ltd serves in a wide industry range as petrochemical, oil, gas, power, steel, mining, fertilizer, cement, marine, paper, sugar and water and waste water treatment plants. The company provides a total solution; right from diagnosing the problem, to recommending the solution, providing the right product and more importantly, application of the product to the satisfaction of the customer. The company has a gamut of high performance specialty coatings such as glass flake composites, elastomeric polyurethanes, ceramic composites, chemical resistant coatings, metal powder embedded compounds, high-build polymer coatings, which PROTECT industry assets, PREVENT further degradation and PROLONG their lite.

Glass Flake Coatings

The principle of the Glass Flake Coating system lies in providing laminar glass fillers with a tortuous path through the resin binder, so that the corrosive ions travelling through the binder have to travel a much longer distance. The distance travelled will depend upon the travelled path which is decided by the size of the flakes and the number of layers of glass flakes in a given coating. Glass flake coating Glass flake conventional
Demech Products In Glass Flake Coating System:
  • Superglass ™
  • Koroglass ™
  • Chemglass ®

Superglass ™

SUPERGLASS series is a high-build coating system in which laminar glass fillers are embedded in a solvent free matrix of polyester resin offering excellent resistance against moisture penetration. It’s extremely low permeability, high abrasion and chemical resistance properties protect various industrial equipment like pump casings, impellers, pipe bends, stirrers and diffuser drums from corrosive conditions. glassflake Glass flake coating
  • Internal pipeline coating
  • Splash zones
  • Pump lining
  • Offshore structure
  • Heavy duty marine applications
  • Jetty piles
  • Cooling tower header
  • Decks
  • Tanks & vessels

Koroglass ™

Koroglass series is a glass flake reinforced system in which laminar glass fillers are embedded in a solvent free matrix of epoxy resin. This high performance epoxy coating system, glass flakes are recommended for enhanced protection of metal and concrete against erosion, corrosion and attack by chemicals. It's extremely low permeability with relatively high abrasion and chemical resistance helps to protect various industrial equipment, like pumps, pipes, tanks, vessels, structures etc.
  • Internal & external pipeline
  • Condenser tube plates & Water boxes
  • Offshore platforms
  • Cooling tower header
  • Tanks & vessels
  • Penstocks

Chemglass ®

Chemglass series is a matrix of glass flakes and vinyl ester co-polymer systems which offers excellent chemical and corrosion resistance properties. This high build system with heavy duty impermeable chemical resistant barrier is suitable for metal and concrete surface protection. The cured film has excellent corrosion resistance, and is highly impermeable to protect the substrate from concentrated acid/ alkali attacks in immersed conditions.
  • Pressure vessels
  • Scrubber lining
  • Brine tank
  • Chemical tank lining
  • Acid / alkali splash & spillage
  • Flue gas desulfurization (FGD)
  • Chimney coating
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