Different Methods of Industrial Paint Application

Industrial paint

If you’re starting a new industrial project, you may be thinking, how should I go about painting this? There are many different methods out there, but here are five to get you started. Paintbrush There’s nothing wrong with the classic paintbrush. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need to get the job done. Paintbrushes come in such a wide variety of styles, shapes, angles, and even bristles, that there’s one for every task. Small paintbrushes are excellent for smaller details, if you have a good brush technique you can easily get a professional finish on any project. Air spray Air spraying is always been a choice for industrial paint jobs for ages. An air sprayer uses air to atomize the paint into a mist or fine spray. You can adapt or choose an air sprayer that offers you different levels of pressure or pattern and so on. This kind of method leaves you with a professional smooth finish on any surface. Roller If you plan on painting a flat surface such as a floor or wall, a roller can come in handy. Using a roller to apply paint allows you to transfer paint efficiently and quickly, rollers come in various forms to produce different results. Some, require a spiked roller to be used to level the coating and remove any trapped air. This paint system is great for concrete and cement screeds. Airless sprayer An airless sprayer atomizes the paint at a much higher pressure than an air sprayer. It’s great for spraying large industrial areas quickly and more efficiently than an air sprayer and can handle much thicker coatings. It helps to stop you from over-spraying on large paint jobs. Every coating/paint system requires a specialized method of application – Only an expert can recommend it! Call us @ 9800481901 www.demechchemical.com

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