Emergency Repair techniques in Monsoon Climate

Emergency repair techniques in monsoon climate

Emergency repair as we all know, the monsoon is on the way, so, beautiful changes in the weather are always welcome, but it also has its own potential drawbacks. If we think economically, then the monsoon is a more important season than other seasons, which also has its own unique phenomenon. It has special effects on the overall well-being of subcontinent residents.

However, the monsoon also brings some difficulties for huge industries like Petrochemicals, Steel, Cement plants, Oil & Gas, and Nuclear power plants. Due to heavy rainfall, floods, lightning & cyclones, they require safety, prevention, precaution, and sometimes emergency repair and rebuilding as well.

Be Prepared Emergency Repair Techniques in Monsoon With Demech Chemical Products Pvt.Ltd Products

Before indulging in the preparation for the monsoon, give attention to several special product ranges of Demech Chemical Products Pvt. Ltd which can be used when it requires online and offline emergency repairs. Before the rains cost you innumerable repair charges, take precautionary.

Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO) products

Wear Resistant Products
  • Tuff Wear® Pneuwear
  • Tuff Wear® Wearing Compound
  • Tuff Wear® Wear Resistant Putty
  • Tuff Wear® Ceramic Tile Adhesive

These products are extremely hard trowel-able putty filled with ceramic fillers that offer excellent wear and abrasion resistant cause due to fine particles and rotating / sliding parts. Wear-resistant products to protect, rebuild, and repair heavy-wearing areas of processing equipment. This non-sagging formulation is recommended for protecting and rebuilding heavy worn-out parts. The high-temperature version of these products is also available for protecting equipment from wear & erosion in high-temperature zones.

Tuff Wear ® Ceramic Tile Adhesive is a compound for installing ceramic tiles quickly and securely in vertical as well as horizontal applications. Excellent shock and impact resistance make it the ideal grout for ceramic tile. This high-technology industrial compound has been specifically formulated to withstand application in the mining and engineering/ manufacturing industries. There is no sag and easy-to-use adhesive with good chemical resistance and tensile strength superior to concrete.


Bends, Chutes, Pumps, Fans blade & housing, Dust collectors, scrubbers, Exhauster, Bonding Ceramic Tiles, Patch holes in the pressure system, Secure vertical anchor bolts.

Metal Repair Compound
  • Tuff Metal® Superior Metals
  • Tuff Metal® Steel Putty
  • Tuff Metal® Steel Liquid
  • Tuff Metal® Aluminium Putty / Liquid

This Metal putty is a two-component 100% epoxy system having outstanding compressive strength and is an ideal solution for reclaiming or rebuilding surfaces requiring precision repair. Surfaces which are critically worn can be easily repaired by this non-rusting epoxy compound which offers resistance to chemicals, oil, gases and water and brings it into service again in a few hours.

Steel Putty is recommended for cost-saving repairs on metal parts. It is applied without special tools such as heat or pressure. It bonds to metal, concrete, and wood.

Steel liquid is a two-part pourable epoxy system heavily reinforced with steel powder for casting parts or filling voids in hard areas to reach the area. Once hardened, it can be machined, drilled, tapped or filed just like steel.

Aluminum putty/liquid-filled epoxy system to rebuild and repair aluminum equipment, parts & casting. They have excellent bonding and nonrusting characteristics. The liquid form is used to fill up casting into hard-to-reach areas.

  1. Rebuilding of shafts, bearing housing, threaded parts.
  2. Repair of engine blocks, Gear, Pumps & casing
  3. Filling cavity area
  4. Patching defects in steel parts
  5. Sealing cracks in the casting
  6. Pouring around loose anchor bolts
  7. Casting mold parts and fixtures
  8. General repair and reclamation of aluminum parts

Rubber Repair Operation Products

  • Flex80 Putty / Liquid
  • Tuff Metal® Fast Cure Steel Putty
  • High-Performance Backing Compound
  • Backing and Crusher Compound
  • Locking Compound

These rubber repair products, specially designed, a 100% trowel able, tear-resistant urethane compound are used to repair equipment exposed to impact, abrasion, vibration, expansion and contraction.

These compounds cure tough, medium-hard rubber. Due to its high elongation properties with excellent adhesion strength, it is ideal for repairing rubber and urethane surfaces that are subjected to corrosion, wear and impact. Primers are recommended for maximum adhesion with steel and rubber.

Fast cure steel putty is steel reinforced-two parts 100% epoxy system that sets within 4 minutes and cures within 10 minutes. It is applied without special tools, heat or pressure. This product offers excellent resistance to oil and gases and bonds to metals, concrete, and wood.

  • Arresting online oil leakages from gearboxes/ transformers
  • Arresting gas leakages from pipelines/ gas holders.
  • Emergency leakages repairs of gas, water, and oil leakages from turbines, pipes, and tanks

High-performance Backing compound

A high-performance Backing compound is a non-shrinking, 100% solids epoxy designed for backing wear plates in a large gyratory crusher and 7 feet cone crusher. It has outstanding compressive strength and impact resistance.

Backing and crusher compound

The backing and crusher compound is a 100% solid two-component epoxy system designed with excellent shock absorbing and tough flexible properties for cone crushers.

Locking Compound

The locking compound is a 100% solid polymer compound, with a high temperature and high impact system for locking inner and outer eccentric bushing on the cone crusher.

So, these Demech products can be used as an emergency repair and rebuild solution for any type of substrate, whether its metal, steel or aluminum.

To help you protect, repair, and rebuild your assets from monsoon on a metallic and non-metallic surface, TEAM DEMECH CHEMICAL has been providing value-added services since 1993. Reach out to our experts and share your challenges to help us assess and customize a solution.

Request an assessment questionnaire @ enquiry@demechchemical.com or call us at @ 8240281662 or WhatsApp us on +912040775500

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