Piping Internal With Glass Flake Coating



Glass Flake coatings are characterized as Lamella structures, unlike granular fillers in regular coating systems. The principle is to provide a tortuous path through the resin binder so that the corrosive Ions migration becomes more difficult.

Why Internal pipe coating?
  • Pipe internal corrosion prevention
  • Flow improvement
  • To minimize deposit formation
Piping Applications:
1. Sea Water intake pipeline 2. Fire Water Lines and Portable Water Pipelines 3. Pipeline carrying Acid / Alkali solution 4. Pipelines are subjected to the high corrosive environment such as high humid areas.
Advantages of Glass flake Coating
1. Good chemical resistance, 2. Good solvent resistance, 3. Good adhesion, 4. Low permeability, 5. Good weather properties, 6. Excellent gloss retention.
Limitations of Glass flake Coatings
1. Not suitable for abrasive fluids/slurries 2. Requires re-coating intervals DEMECH CHEMICAL has developed the technology for internal pipeline coating with complete automation. We have complete automatic blasting and coating set up which can line up pipes from 75 NB onwards and can do the coatings up to 12 meters at one go. Welding joint coating at 12 meters is also attended to on sites by special automatic equipment.

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