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Maintenance Aerosols

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Maintenance Aerosols

Maintenance aerosol sprays are versatile tools with vast potential. They enable precise application of coatings, paints, and adhesives, ensuring uniform coverage. They are also essential for efficient cleaning, lubrication, and maintenance, reducing equipment wear and downtime.

Mechanical Maintenance Aerosols

Mechanical Maintenance Aerosols

Mechanical maintenance products are essential for cleaning, lubricating, optimizing the performance & protecting various machinery and equipment.

Electrical Maintenance Aerosols

Electrical maintenance restores IR value (Insulation Resistance), prevents tracking, ensures safety, reduces downtime, and extends the life of electrical equipment.

Electronic Maintenance Aerosols

  • Aerosol products designed for electronic maintenance are essential for cleaning, protecting, and optimizing the performance of electronic components and systems.
Lubricant Maintenance Aerosols

Lubricant Maintenance Aerosols

Aerosol lubricant sprays are versatile products designed to reduce friction, protect against wear, and ensure smooth operation in various mechanical systems.

Plastic Moulding Aerosols

Aerosol based plastic molding sprays are specialized products designed to improve the plastic molding process by providing mold release, protection, and cleaning solutions.

Dry Lubricant Maintenance Aerosols

Dry Lubricants like PTFE, Graphite & MOS2 prevent wear & tear in various applications without the use of dust catching, liquid or oil-based lubricants.

Anti-Seize Sprays

Anti-Seize Sprays

Aerosol anti-seize sprays are specialized products designed to prevent galling, seizing, and corrosion of threaded and metal-to-metal contact surfaces, ensuring easy disassembly and improved equipment reliability.

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