Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO)


Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO) at Demech Chemical Products Pvt Ltd, we are committed to offering our clients the best and most suitable products and services of Speciality coating for concrete & steel, Leak repair, Concrete repairs and rehabilitation, Anti-seize, Pump repairs & energy efficiency coating, Repairs & refurbishment of heat exchangers, Tank rehabilitation and protection, and Industrial flooring. No matter what your maintenance, repair & overhaul needs are, you can trust Demech Chemical to meet your specific requirements reliably, and skilfully.

The Right solutions for MRO Application why our solutions are the first choice of customers:

  • Improve efficiency, reliability, and safety
  • Reduce the downtime cost of spares
  • Reduce energy cost
  • Extend the life of equipment
  • Minimize the cost of maintenance
  • Include assurance of on time services and exact recommendations

Notable MRO site applications

  • Pumps and valves: Internal coatings to overcome erosion (Impingement /Cavitation) corrosion.
  • Shafts: Metal putty for repair worn surfaces due to Fretting corrosion.
  • Pipes: On-site leak repair without interruption of operation.
  • Heat exchangers:Heat & abrasion resistant coatings to enhance service life.
  • Tanks: Low permeability barrier linings for various corrosive chemical storage.
  • Floors: Epoxy/PU Coating to protect concrete from chemical spillage also it has Anti-fungal, Dielectric, UV resistance and Anti-Slip properties.
  • Equipment Storage: Water displacing rust inhibitor
  • Pumps: Increases pump efficiency

Demech Chemical Products Pvt. Ltd has been providing value-added services since 1993. Request for an assessment questionnaire @ or call us @ +91 8240281662 Or WA @ +912040775500.

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