Maintenance And Repair Operation (MRO)

Maintenance and repair operation

Maintenance and repair operation (MRO) products are developed for maintenance to rebuild & repair. It provide protection against abrasion, wear, erosion, cavitation and corrosion. We provide total solution; right from the diagnosing the problem, to recommending the solution, manufacturing the products and more importantly application of total system. Recommended for critical wear factor. Fast curing properties of compound help equipment back to service. Excellent resistance to oil, gasoline & chemicals.

Tuff Metal® Superior Metal

TUFF METAL® SUPERIOR METAL is a two-component 100% epoxy compound having good temperature resistance and compressive strength. This non-rusting compound can be applied to any metal substrate and is ideally suitable for rebuilding shafts, bearing housings & many such critical mechanical components.
  • Rebuilding of shafts, bearing housings, threaded parts etc.
  • Internal & external protection of storage tanks, pipes and process vessels.
  • Repair of leakage pipes & tanks and cracks & holes on engine & pump casing, pipes, tanks & other equipment.
  • Resurface of pitted metal surface.
  • Resurface of pitted metal surface.
  • Rebuilding & protecting pump impellers, valves, absorption towers, heat exchangers, filters & pumps.

Tuff Metal® Bronze Putty

TUFF METAL® BRONZE PUTTY is a two-part epoxy system heavily reinforced with metallic Filler. It is ideal for repairing bronze parts and or where a Bronze finish is desired.
  • Repairing bronze impellers, castings & equipment.
  • Resurfacing worn-out bronze parts
  • Rebuilding of the surfaces where the bronze finish is required.

Tuff Metal® Fast Cure Steel Putty

TUFF METAL® FAST CURE STEEL PUTTY is a steel-reinforced, two-part 100% epoxy compound that cures within a few minutes to a smooth finish and can be machined, drilled, or tapped. It reaches a functional cure within minutes and provides a very good bond on oily surfaces.
  • Emergency repairs of leaking pipes, transformers, tanks, elbows, and other equipment.
  • Patching of leaking areas.
  • Industrial maintenance where very fast curing is required.

Tuff Metal® Metal Magic Steel Stick

TUFF METAL® METAL MAGIC STEEL STICK is a fast-setting, convenient, steel-filled epoxy stick, which is ideal for all kinds of quick repairs. This dual-component stick is very convenient for repairs because it is cut in correct proportion, kneaded, and applied as a putty.
  • Seals and stop leaks in pipes, tanks, and joints.
  • Fills oversized bolt holes.
  • Smoothens welds.
  • Repairs porosity, holes, cracks, and defects in castings.
  • Repair holes, and cracks in gas and fuel tanks.

Tuff Metal® Aluminium Putty

TUFF METAL® ALUMINUM PUTTY is a two-part epoxy system heavily reinforced with aluminium powder. It is ideal for repairing aluminium parts or where an aluminium finish is desired.
  • Repairing aluminium castings.
  • Repairing worn aluminium parts.
  • Resurfacing worn-out portions.
  • Making models and jigs for holding odd-shaped parts.
  • Making aluminium dies.

Tuff Metal® Steel Putty

TUFF METAL® STEEL PUTTY is a steel-reinforced, two-part epoxy that cures to a metal-like finish and can be machined, drilled, tapped or filled. This steel-filled putty is recommended for making cost-saving repairs on metal parts all over the plant. This easy-to-apply putty is applied without any special tools and without heat or pressure.
  • Filling and sealing cracked castings, tanks, vessels and valves.
  • Patching non-structural defects in steel parts, valves, pumps & spares.
  • Used for Strengthening application (to be added).
  • Resurfacing worn-out portions
  • Filling cavity areas
  • Repair and rebuilding blow holes in castings
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