Pipe Linings, Strengthening & Repairs

Pipes are susceptible for internal as well as external corrosion. Pipelines carrying various liquids and gases if not protected from inside, get corroded causing pitting, reduction in wall thickness and punctures. Such pipes are effectively protected by our innovative pipe lining composite systems developed from combination of polymers embedded with specialized materials. External surface of pipelines exposed to weather conditions or underground; are treated by our composite systems. We have wide variety of products to protect pipes internally as well as externally. We provide the most reliable and advanced corrosion protection system with a long record of successful completion. Unprotected pipes suffering from corrosion are strengthened and leakages are arrested by our team of experts using special composite systems.

We have developed simplified visual screening methods for inspecting complete process systems including piping and associated components like vessels, tanks, and pumps etc which are useful during mechanical integrity programs.

We expertise in providing solutions for internal and external pipeline coatings, pipeline strengthening, arrest pipeline leakages, joint coatings, protect pipeline at pedestal supports.

Internal Pipeline Coating
External Pipeline Coatings
External Bend Coatings
Internal Bends Coating
Corrosion Pad
Pipe Strengthening
Leakage Arresting
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