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Polyurethane coating

What Does Polyurethane Coating Mean?

A polyurethane coating is a polyurethane layer applied to the surface of a substrate for the purpose of protecting it. These coatings help protect substrates from corrosion, abrasion and other deteriorating processes. While polyurethane coatings are relatively durable, this durability also makes them more resistant to abrasion and less prone to dents and scratches.

Demech Chemical Products Pvt. Ltd polyurethane coatings are organic coatings made from polyol compounds. Due to their low permeability and good chemical resistance, 100% solid polyurethane coatings act as a barrier coating by blocking migration of moisture, oxygen and other chemicals to the substrate. They have high electrical resistance to effectively block formation of the corrosion cell on steel and concrete surfaces.

Demech chemical high built 100 solid elastomeric polyurethane coating products are manufactured as per national and international standards. These environmentally friendly products are resilient, flexible and tough in nature and demonstrate excellent impact resistance and crack bridging ability.

Features of Demech Chemical Polyurethane Coating:

  • 100% solids elastomeric (flexible) zero VOC
  • Product working time ranging from 6 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Coating thickness- 300 mic-4mm.
  • Excellent physical and mechanical properties
  • Excellent corrosion resistant
  • Forms a monolithic coating
  • Extremely low permeability

Application Area of Polyurethane Coating:

  • Underground pipe lines
  • Underground tanks
  • Digester roofs, etc.
  • Cooling tower basin
  • Turbine area flooring
  • Effluent tanks

Demech Chemical Polyurethane Product Range:

  1. Polyguard Series
  2. Poly UR Series
  3. Flex 80 Putty
  4. Demothane TE070
Polyguard Series

POLYGUARD 1000 is specially developed with two components with high-build 100% solids.

Elastomeric polyurethane product providing excellent anti-corrosive and mechanical properties to prevent cracking and make it impact resistant.

A product with excellent water impermeability, flexibility and elongation provides the long term protection of concrete and metal substrates.

  • Solvent free coating.
  • No shrinkage
  • High chemical resistance
  • Fast curing
  • Impact and abrasion resistance
  • High impermeability
  • Good flexibility
  • High mechanical strength
Recommended Applications
  • Internal/ external pipe coating
  • LPG tank coating
  • Tank lining
  • Industrial concrete tank coating
  • Sea water canal coating
Poly UR Series

POLY UR series is a solvent-free two components 100% solid polyurea base high build coating system for corrosion resistant applications of steel, concrete and other substrates. This fast curing system provides a highly impermeable protective coating layer which prevents water penetration.

  • Fast curing
  • High elongation
  • Resistant to chemicals, solvents, acids and caustics
  • Excellent adhesion strength and UV resistant properties
  • Resistant to thermal shocks ( -50 to 140 ºC)
  • Excellent chemical resistant properties
Recommended Applications:
  • Coating of steel or concrete structures immersed in sea water.
  • Corrosion protection of steel and concrete tanks storing corrosive chemical effluents, containment tanks.
  • Offshore, submarine pipes, submarine steel structures.
  • Coating of ballast tanks, internal lining of double hull ships.
  • Anti-acid coating and vapor barrier of digesters, tanks storing gas.
  • LPG storage tanks –internal coating.
  • Pipeline internal and external coatings.
Flex 80 Putty

Flex 80 Putty is specially designed, 100% trowel-able, tear resistant urethane compounds are used to repair equipment exposed to impact, abrasion, vibration, expansion and contraction. This tear product is excellent for repairing conveyer belts, filling up the joints or gaps etc. It has a high elongation property with high adhesion strength and is ideal for repairing metal, rubber and urethane surfaces subjected to corrosion, wear and impact.

  • Resists corrosion, abrasion and impact.
  • Combines properties of rubber and urethane.
  • Easy to mix & use makes it easy for application and reduces downtime.
  • Excellent dielectric strength.
Recommended Applications:
  • Repair and rebuilt conveyor belt
  • Pipe elbows
  • Pump liners
  • Pulleys
  • Rubber and urethane parts or sheeting
  • Couplings
  • Repairing of trailing cable sheathing
  • Repairing of rubber bellows
  • Lining of concrete joints
Demothane TE070

DEMOTHANE TE070 is a specially developed high-build polyurethane coating providing an excellent glossy finish. This product is recommended for exterior application. The product, once coated by brush or spray over the duly prepared metal surface, provides a long lasting anti-corrosive layer, thus protecting the base substrate from atmospheric corrosion. This Ultra Violet radiation resistant coating is also recommended over primer and mid coats.

  • Resistant to cathodic disbandment over cathodic protection systems.
  • Applied by brush or roller or pot gun or airless spray equipment.
  • Designed for dry service in temperatures up to 80°C.
  • Good performance in chemical environment.
  • Fast turnaround time
  • UV stable
Recommended Applications:
  • Recommended for exterior surfaces where it is designed to retain color and gloss for long period.
  • Coating of tanks, structures, beams, channels etc. in various industries.
  • Coating of Chassis of vehicles, industrial equipment's and finished products.
  • Marking on floors.
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