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Polyurethane Coating

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Polyurethane Coating

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Brand                                                                                Vetro Sol

Packaging Size                                                                10 Kg

Brand                                                                                Vetro Sol

Our Polyurethane products are 100% solids-based coating systems which are resilient, flexible and tough. They are made from Polyol compounds. These products offer low permeability, excellent impact & chemical resistance and block migration of moisture & other chemicals. They also prevent formation of corrosion cells on steel & concrete surfaces. Further, they deliver the added benefit of crack bridging.

1. Underground pipelines
2. Underground tanks
3. Digester roofs, etc.
4. Cooling tower basin
5. Turbine area flooring
6. Effluent tanks

Polyguard Series

A range of high performance two component products high build 100% solids elastomeric polyurethane products for excellent anti.

Poly UR Series

High build fast setting elastomeric compound formulated hybrid polyurea-urethane product for normal curing.

Flex 80 Putty

This specially designed, 100% trowel-able, tear resistant urethane compounds are used to repair equipment exposed to impact, abrasion, vibration, expansion and contraction.

Demothane TE070

Aliphatic polyurethane system recommended for top coat in highly UV exposed areas.

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