DEMECH CHEMICAL offers wide range of products like high solids epoxy coatings, glass flake coatings, chemical resistant coatings, and floor coatings etc. keeping in pace with dynamic business environment, Demech Chemicals has been venturing into new technologies essential for enhancing the life of the equipments.
Our Glass Flake coating which is a 100% solids solvent free compound system, follows the principles of providing laminar glass fillers with tortuous path through the resin binder so that the corrosive ions travelling through the binder have to travel a longer distance.
Our Polyurethane products has unlimited film building capacity which helps fast curing system is a seamless system which is highly durable, abrasion resistant, has outstanding tensile strength, impact resistance and elongation with good resistance to mechanical & thermal shocks.
Ceramic coating products are specially formulated to impart outstanding resistance to abrassion. The commendable wear resistance is achieved by incorporation of special ceramic fillers. These products have no substitute for attending maintenance & repairs.
A specially developed 100% solid epoxy based high performance anti-corrosive coating with excellent chemical, acid and alkali resistance.
The thermosetting properties of the resins have been utilized in developing special type of compounds to suit the demands of industries. These compounds filled with different metal and non-metal powders like steel, bronze, aluminium, ferrosilicon can be used to repair, restore, worn out and damaged parts,to get the equipment quickly back into.
Coatings resistant to chemical attacks on concrete and steel structures in aggressive conditions. They are vinyl ester based coatings to be applied by spray or brush.
These are monolithic, dust free floor coatings having good mechanical strength and excellent resistance to water, oil & light industrial chemicals. Recommended to use in automobile workshops, electronic industries, show rooms, heavy industrial floor coatings, steel industries Etc.
A 100% solids epoxy system designed for backing wear metal in crushers and grinding mills. Their role is to completely eliminate voids and alignment issues between the liners.
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