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Ceramic coating products are specially formulated to impart outstanding resistance to abrasion. The commendable wear resistance is achieved by incorporation of special ceramic fillers. These products have no substitute for attending maintenance & repairs.

Tuff Wear® Wear Resistant Putty

An extremely hard 100% solids epoxy based putty used for high abrasion parts.

Tuff Wear® Brushable Ceramic

Ultra smooth ceramic reinforced 100% solids epoxy based coating that provides high gloss, low friction.

Tuff Wear® Anti-Stick Ceramic

Newly developed product using nano technology to impart superior anti-friction and anti-sticky properties to ceramic coating.

Tuff Wear® Wearing Compound

A trowelable putty with large ceramic beads recommended for heavy worn out parts.

Tuff Wear® Pneu Wear

Ceramic reinforced 100% solids epoxy with small ceramic beads for protecting fine particle abrasion.

Tuff Wear® Ceramic Tile Adhesive

High compressive and adhesive strength product specially designed for ceramic tile linings.

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