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Coatings resistant to chemical attacks on concrete and steel structures in aggressive conditions. These coatings are Vinyl ester, Phenolic and Novolac based. They are applied by spray or brush with proven durability. Our Chemical Resistant Lining systems are innovative linings which include a different combination of polymers incorporated with special composites. Our linings are very reliable and offer excellent chemical resistance. They are used extensively in Industries to protect metallic as well as non-metallic surfaces. These long lasting seamless coatings eliminate failures at joints and enhance aesthetics of assets. These monolithic liners can take any shape and cover complete area without air pockets. DEMECH have developed innovative coating for ferrous & non ferrous surfaces prone to chemical attacks.

Chemguard Series

Vinyl ester based high performance chemical resistant coating.

Chemglass® Series

Matrix of glassflake and vinyl ester polymers, with excellent chemical resistance properties.

Koroguard® EN series

It is a high build epoxy phenolic based product , recommended for enhanced protection to metal from corrosion and attack of chemicals. Excellent performance in presence of strong acids/ alkali solvents.

Koroglass™ EN series

It is glass flake reinforced system in which glass fillers are embedded in solvent free matrix of Epoxy novolac resin. They are recommended for enhanced protection to metal and concrete against corrosion and attack of chemical and strong acids.

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