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Our Glass Flake coating which are 100% solid, solvent free compound systems. It has the laminar glass fillers which provides a tortuous path through the resin binder. So the corrosive ions traveling through the binder have to travel a longer distance, hence slowing down the rate of corrosion.

Koroglass™ 1000

High Performance product incorporated with glass flake embedded in solventless epoxy resin. Mechanically strong and tough having extremely low permeability.

Koroglass™ EN 200

Novolac epoxy resin having extremely high chemical resistance at high temperatures.

Demoxy T9200

Self priming composite of epoxy resin and glassflakes with good weatherability.

Chemglass® Series

This Chemglass® series of products having matrix of glassflake and vinyl ester polymers, with excellent chemical resistance properties.

Superglass™ Series

High performance product with incorporation of glass flakes in solvent free matrix of polyester resin or epoxy resin offering an excellent barrier against moisture.

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