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A specially developed polymer-based high-performance anti-corrosive coating with excellent chemical resistance and UV protection.


Epoxy based high performance anti-corrosive coating available in various grades.

Koroguard® 1000

High build grade recommended for enhanced protection to metal and concrete against erosion, corrosion.

Koroguard® 10

Solvent free epoxy based high performance anti fungal coating

Koroguard® 20

Solvent free epoxy based high performance food grade coating approved by WRAS

Chemguard Series

Vinyl ester based high performance chemical resistant coating

Demothane Series

Demothane Series is a specially developed air drying polyurethane full glossy finishing top coat providing excellent chemical resistance These UV protected products are recommended for exterior application.

Demoxy PS040

It is two component epoxy based primer designed for application on rusted substrate with minimum surface preparation. It may also be applied on water or grit blasted substrate as an inhibitive layer.

Demicon Series

It is a single component temperature resistant coating designed for metal substrates exposed upto 600°C. It is a user friendly coating with excellent weathering and corrosion resistance when applied over properly primed surfaces.

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