Pump Repairs, Rehabilitation & Energy Efficient Coating

Pumps circulating liquid across the industry may face problems same as pipelines like pitting, cavitation, erosion, corrosion due to electrochemical reaction process, surface wear by abrasion erosion process etc. Damages to casing & impeller surface results in more frictional loss and increases power consumption. Our ceramic and glass flakes reinforced polymer coatings prolong life of pumps and reduce frictional losses so as to increase energy efficiency. Its assembly can be strengthened by use of our Tuff Metal® & Tuff Wear® products which results in rebuilding and lasting protection to the surfaces. These products are excellent for abrasion resistance and recommended for sealing and protecting equipment from corrosion and wear.    

Pump Coating
Impeller Coating
Vacuum Pumps
Multi Stage Pumps
Energy Efficient Coating
Valve Coating
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