Tank Rehabilitation & Protection

Storage tanks made up of metal and concrete are susceptible to corrosion due to weather conditions. Humid, chemical, corrosive atmospheres make metal and concrete deteriorate; reducing wall thickness, creating porosity & pinholes. If not prevented in time sometimes tanks puncture. These problems can be attended in advance by treating it with our high performance specialty coatings which possess excellent weather resistance properties. Our specialty products having unlimited film building capacity and good physical and mechanical properties strengthen tanks & thus increases their life.

We expertise in providing solutions for applications like tank strengthening, roof sealing, internal tank coatings, external tank coatings, tank boot sealing, tank wind guard strengthening, tank stair case repairs, hopper coatings, vessel coatings etc. with the help of our high performance specialty coatings.

Boot Sealing
Roof Sealing
External Tank Coating
Internal Tank Coating
Hopper Coating
Vessel Coating
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