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Mechanical Maintenance Aerosols

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Mechanical Maintenance Aerosols

MRO products are developed for maintenance to rebuild & repair. It provide protection against abrasion, wear, erosion, cavitation and corrosion. We provide total solution; right from the diagnosing the problem, to recommending the solution, manufacturing the products and more importantly application of total system. Recommended for critical wear factor. Fast curing properties of compound help equipment back to service. Excellent resistance to oil, gasoline & chemicals.

DCP # 1001 Pen Oil


DCP # 1002 ALL-7

For removing flash rusting from metallic components & prevent re-rusting for a period of 6-12 months

DCP # 1003 Belt Protect

Prevents belt failure due to slippage, Works on all types of Belts.

DCP # 1008 Bearing Cleaner

Oily Bearings,valve seats,shaft seals and General purpose cleaner for removing oil, grease, carbon, moisture & dust from metal surfaces in a few minutes

1009 Anti Spatter (Silicon)

Prevents the adhesion of weld spatter on metal surfaces.

DCP # 1015 DP Kit Cleaner

Part of a Three-Product system for Non-Destructive testing.Solvent Cleaner. Removes & Drains away Oil & Grease.

DCP # 1016 DP Kit Penetrant

Part of a Three-Product system for Non-Destructive testing.Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be tested for FLAWS.

DCP # 1017 DP Kit Developer

Part of a Three-Product system for Non-Destructive testing.It creates a highly visible contrast between Red DCP 2016 & White colour of DCP 2017.

DCP # 1018 Cold Galvanizing Compound

Best in class “Zinc based Primer”Meets or surpasses US MIL specs.

DCP # 1019 Bright Galvanize

This product involves the process of in-situ galvanizing of steel parts. It contains a mixture of over 99% pure zinc and other proprietary metals..

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