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The thermosetting properties of the resins have been utilized in developing special types of compounds to suit the demands of industries. These compounds are filled with different metal and non-metal powders like steel, bronze, aluminium, ferrosilicon. They can be used to repair and rebuild, worn out and damaged parts, and get the equipment quickly back into service.

Tuff Metal® Steel Putty

Steel filled putty which bonds to metal, concrete and wood, 100% solid with high machinability.

Tuff Metal® Steel Liquid

Steel reinforced two part epoxy, cures to metal like finish into hard reach areas.

Tuff Metal® Superior Metal

Two component 100% epoxy system, excellent machinability, designed for any metal rebuilding, non rusting and high compressive strength.

Tuff Metal® Metal Magic Stick

Industrial maintenance product applied like putty with metal finish. Handy and easy to use. Cut and knead putty, Used for leakage arresting jobs as emergency repair in minimal time.

Tuff Metal® Fast Cure Steel Putty

Steel reinforced two part 100% epoxy system for fast setting applications.

Tuff Metal® Aluminium Putty

Aluminium filled epoxy systems to rebuild and repair aluminium equipment and parts in putty form.

Tuff Metal® Aluminium Liquid

Aluminium filled epoxy systems to rebuild and repair aluminium castings or pourable into hard to reach areas.

Tuff Metal® Bronze Putty

Bronze filled epoxy systems to rebuild and repair bronze equipments.

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