Tuff Crush Backing Compound & Grouting Compounds

Tuff Crush Backing Compound

TUFF CRUSH BACKING COMPOUND is designed for backing liners in crushers and grinding mills. It is non-flammable, easy, and safer to use because it does not require any melting or special equipment. Due to its high volumetric stability, this is the ideal epoxy formulation to fill up gaps between liners and support structures. Its higher compressive strength and impact resistance provides longer service durability & maximize the life of the liners.

Demech Chemical Tuff Crush products are 100% solids epoxy compound systems designed for backing wear metal in crushers and grinding mills. Their role is to completely eliminate voids and alignment issues between the liners. The products maintain their strength to ensure all wear linings. It is sufficiently protected throughout the crusher maintenance cycle. It offers extreme heavy-duty crushing and maximum protection to wear plate Liners. Due to its high impact strength.

Application Areas:

  • Cone Crusher
  • Gyratory Crusher
  • Grinding Mills

Tuff Crush Backing Compound:

100% solids non-shrinkable and pour-able epoxy system designed for backing wear plates in crushers.

  • Recommended for use in cone crushers up to 7 feet in size providing safety & durability.
  • Provides high compressive & impact strength.
  • Non-shrinkable & easily pourable.
  • Used for dolomite/stone crushers.

Tuff Crush High-Performance Backing Compound:

Designed to meet the toughest crushing requirements in gyratory and large cone crushers. It has excellent impact and compressive strength.

  • Recommended for backing and bonding of wear metals in gyratory crushers & large cone crushers.
  • No melting required, just mix, and pour it.
  • Fast setting, non-shrinking with high volumetric stability.
  • Provides the highest compressive strength & impact resistance.
  • Eliminates the formation of gaps between liners & support structures.
  • Designed to meet the toughest crushing requirements.

Tuff Crush Locking Compound:

Designed to use for locking the inner and outer eccentric bushings in cone crushers, locking the gap.

  • Recommended for the backing of liners, bolts, diaphragms, and headliners.
  • Provides good compressive strength and impact resistance.
  • Used for all types of cone crushers and grinding mills.

Tuff Crush Crusher Compound/ Casting Compound:

Designed to use in Dolomite/stone crushers assuring safety and durability. It has a good impact & compressive strength.

  • Recommended for the backing of liners, bolts, diaphragms, and headliners.
  • Provides good compressive strength and impact resistance.
  • Used for all types of cone crushers and grinding mills.

Flexifill Compound:

  • Recommended for grouting of equipment or machines where vibration absorption is required.
  • Highly recommended for sealing cracks likely to expand due to working conditions. Withstands vibration & structural stresses.
  • Forms an impermeable surface, which disables the percolation of water, oil & lubricants.
  • Used for sealing or expansion joints/sealing of asbestos roofing/ sealing of vibrating parts of metal as well as concrete.

Copper Anti-seize:

  • Recommended for usage on applications in nuts, bolts & studs, fittings & shafts, machine surfaces, fittings on steam turbines, pumps, valves, flanges, extrudes & dies, etc.
  • This product is designed to provide protection against high temperature, seawater corrosion, galling & seizing & functions as a thread lubricant, aiding assembly & disassembly of threaded components.

Fast Set Grout:

  • Recommended for grouting new machinery & setting anchor bolts quickly.
  • Non-shrinking & self-levelling
  • Withstands high loads & vibrations.
  • Fast setting & Fast Curing
  • Compression strength & chemical resistance are better than concrete.
  • Used for pumps, compressors, generators, to set anchor bolts and level machinery.
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